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Become a Project Partner


Information for Ugandan community organizations

If you are a community or school organization in Uganda that would like to partner with FOYA Uganda in implementing a project in June 2024, we want to hear from you! Each year, our board of directors approves two or three small-scale summer projects to be conducted in collaboration with American university students. Final applications are due January 1, 2024.



  • We DO NOT build new buildings or participate in construction projects.

  • Most approved projects have a total budget of $3,000 USD or less (about 11,225,000 UGX). 

  • Look at our annual reports to get an idea of the types of projects that we typically approve. Recent projects have included establishing libraries, providing menstrual hygiene management and sexual reproductive health programs, and creating student first aid stations. However, we are open to new project ideas.

  • The final application deadline is January 1, 2024. Submit your proposal as early as possible before the deadline. This gives our board time to ask questions and help you make changes to your proposal to make it more likely to be approved.

Our board of directors approves proposals based on multiple factors, including:

  • Demonstrated local need for the project;

  • How the project meets the academic and cultural needs of the American university students who will travel to Uganda to partcipate in the project;

  • Whether the project is a good match for FOYA Uganda's resources and expertise;

  • Whether the requested grant funds are within FOYA Uganda's overall budget;

  • Whether the local partners have a plan to make the project sustainable after FOYA Uganda departs.

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